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Day Nursery and Pre-school in Shortlands and Sydenham
Little Cherubs

Our Aims

Our Main Aims

  • Little CherubsProvide a safe, secure and stimulating environment that is bright, warm and inviting.
  • Build strong, positive relationships between children, parents/carers, other professionals and the staff team.
  • Focus on our children’s individual needs and interests, to support them as they develop and grow.
  • Provide a fully inclusive environment which enables the children to express themselves freely.
  • Ensure that we deliver the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework throughout the whole nursery.
  • Recognise and value parents/carers as their children’s primary educators and to welcome parents/carers contributions through our ‘Partnership with Parents and Carers policy.’
  • Continue to develop as a company by ensuring the staff team have the opportunity to develop, enhance and acquire new skills.
  • Keep parents fully informed regarding their child’s development through:
    - Parents’ evenings, termly summaries and Friends of Little Cherubs meetings.
    - Daily verbal feedback regarding their child’s daily progress and a written
      contact book for babies.
    - News and events through regular newsletters, notice boards, Parentmail etc.
  • Provide consistent care through our robust policies and procedures.
  • Provide equal opportunities that promote equality and fairness to all, thereby allowing our children to achieve; irrespective of their age, ability, gender, language or ethnic origin.
  • Maintain a low risk environment in order to maintain Health and Safety within the nursery.
  • Work in partnership with outside agencies and organisations to support our children.
Quality Childcare
Quality Childcare